Deconstruct Reconstruct: The Book

Aug 31, 2023

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of new books published about deconstruction. All the ones that I have seen have been from a pastor, professor, or otherwise gifted writer speaking to the person who is deconstructing, acting as a guide through the process. Some of these books are very good and I would recommend them to be read.

What I haven’t seen is a book from someone who has deconstructed writing back to the Church, helping explain what this ambiguous word called deconstruction even is and how we can foster relationships and churches that help people experience it without feeling rejected by those they love, their community, and most importantly, by God.

As someone who spent 10+ years deconstructing and reconstructing my faith, I have the opportunity to do that thanks to InterVarsity Press. I’m currently writing a book that aims to do exactly this. The plan is that it will be released in late Summer or early Fall of 2024.

While nothing is set in stone yet (I’m still finishing up the final manuscript), I’d like to share with you my current table of contents.

  1. Defining Deconstruction

  2. Deconstructing Deconstruction

  3. Deconstructing The Wall

  4. Deconstructing The Crisis

  5. Deconstructing Belief

  6. Deconstructing Church

  7. Deconstructing Self

  8. The Ends of Deconstruction

  9. Reconstructing Relationships

  10. Reconstructing Suffering

  11. Reconstructing Belief

  12. Reconstructing Discipleship

  13. Reconstructing Church

  14. Reconstructing God

Again, these are subject to change. But these are the chapters that are in my file right now.

This book is for pastors and parents, friends and leaders, and anyone else who knows and loves someone who is deconstructing their faith and wants to minister well to them. If that sounds like you and you are interested in this book, please consider subscribing to this newsletter. You’ll receive updates along the way as well as short-form articles with my thoughts on topics surrounding deconstruction. I promise you’ll be the first to know the moment I have a book cover and a pre-order link.

The church should be the place where people can ask questions, wrestle with God, and renew their faith. I hope this book helps you foster relationships and create churches that can do that.

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