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Back Again is a weekly newsletter on faith, life, and finding our bearings in the first post-Christian culture from Ian Harber. It’s about returning to Jesus over and over again through deconstruction, suffering, and a divided culture.

Coming back again is about recognizing the difficulties of life and returning to Jesus as an anchor in the storm.

Back Again Through Deconstruction.

We’ve lost the faith that we once had. We’ve wondered if there’s anything left of the faith to hold onto. And every time we want to let go, we find ourselves back again with Jesus. We are still trying to figure out everything else around him, and are okay with that being a journey that takes a lifetime. But we know that we can come back to him over and over again and rest in his love.

Back Again Through Suffering

The people that we’ve loved have died. The families we wished for fell apart or were never there to begin with. Tragedy has marked our lives and we hold out for hope that there’s something to make sense of it all. To give it meaning. That’s when we find ourselves back again with Jesus. We don’t have the answers or understand why terrible things happen. But we know that he makes everything beautiful in its time and uses it all for our good.

Back Again Through A Divided Culture

We’re tired of politics. Not of what politics can do. We know it serves the common good. We’re tired of what politics has done to us. It’s divided us. It’s torn families and friends apart. It’s made caricatures out of people we love and respect. It’s made an idol out of policies and politicians alike while using Jesus as a mascot for their ideology. We want the real Jesus. We find ourselves coming back again to him as our King above the political and cultural divisions. We might be conservative, moderate, or progressive, but we want Jesus above our ideologies.

There’s a space for you. You might feel out of sorts now, wondering if you’re alone. You’re not. We’re going back again to Jesus, to be formed into his likeness, and live into his story of the world. It’s the true story that gives life and shines light in the darkness. We’re going together.

About Ian

Ian Harber is a writer and works at Endeavor. He amplifies the messages of digital ministries through social media and building partnerships and has helped ministries such as Truth Over Tribe and Everything Just Changed.

With a B.A. in Communication Theory from Dallas Baptist University, he has done marketing for nonprofits, churches, and small businesses for 10 years. He was the Communication Director at Serve Denton, a local nonprofit, for 3.5 years where he used digital marketing to raise awareness for dozens of needs and nonprofits that could help.

He's been published by The Gospel Coalition, the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission, RELEVANT, and Digital Liturgies. He has an essay included in the book Before You Lose Your Faith: Deconstructing Doubt in The Church (TGC, 2021).

Ian lives in Denton, TX with his wife Katie, and son Ezra. Follow him on Twitter.

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Reflections on faith, life, and finding our bearings in the world's first post-Christian culture from a millennial neo-evangelical.


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